Football is a well-known sport and is one of the most popular sports in the world. As per the facts, with the followers of football, one can make a populated continent like Asia. Every popular sport has a game on 2 sides, one side refers to the game played by two teams and the other side is none other than betting. 

Betting is purely based on probability and chances. Betting on football is as popular as the real game played in a stadium. So, to assist the ones who place bets, there are sites that provide betting predictions. Every website that provides the service to bet delivers its predictions by a team of experts. There are panels to decide and predict the result of the game. Although betting will not guarantee either win or lose, it will increase the chance to get the desired result.

A team of dedicated experts analyzes all the week’s football matches, be it small or big, they provide their users with the best possible predictions. There are thousands of websites that allow betting on football legally. It is one’s interest to find the best suitable website for betting and predictions. Below are some of the popular websites that give predictions.

Popular websites and apps that provide football bet predictions


Livebet is an all-in-one betting website

Live bet is an all-in-one betting website for football predictions. The company was started in 2008 with live betting shops and they came online in 2012. Live bet’s reputation is very high and their football predictions are trustworthy. If you are new to betting, then predictions from live betting will increase your chance of winning, although win or lose is unpredictable.


Bet ensured is a well-known football betting prediction website

Bet ensured is a well-known football betting prediction website. It is one of the biggest websites with well-known football matches analysis, predictions, and statistics. The company focuses on popular and unpopular matches around the world based on the flow of people. It also provides various pricing plans which are budget-friendly. These will help their users to get some substantial profits on the bets they will place.


Forebet is one of the smartest websites that provides football bet predictions

Forebet is one of the smartest websites that provides football bet predictions. It has a dedicated team of experts for analysis and statistics. They work to make the prediction friendlier to the user. Forebet has a mathematical approach for deciding a game’s fate. These are run by algorithms that are already written by coding experts with utmost attention by considering all the possibilities and chances.

Many websites also provide free services for football bet predictions. The above-mentioned is one of the best to go with. Betting is purely based on chances and probability, so no one can guarantee one’s win or lose. To win or lose, it depends on chances and the way the game is played by the team. Ensure that you plan the budget and plan the approach. Getting to know about predictions and these sites will increase the chances of winning and will let you know more about the analysis of the game or sport.