rules of football

The football league originated in England, in 1888. Football is a game that has a great involvement of team spirit. In the 20th century, football was accepted as a professional game by the whole world officially.  

To score a goal in football, you will have to kick the ball. The opposing team stops you from scoring the goal whereas you stop the opponent from scoring a goal. A goalkeeper near the goal net stops and helps to score a goal. 

Football is a time-bound sport. At the end of the time, the team with the highest points wins the game. The time is measured between the plays or when the plays are going on. According to the football rules, each team is allowed to keep their eleven players on the field. The teams are allowed to change their players in between the games. 

Few common rules of football 

Football is a game that has a great involvement of team spirit.
  • There are two participating teams and each team has about 11 to 18 members, there are fewer members depending upon the game. 
  • The opponent team’s goalkeeper stands near the goal post to stop the team from scoring a goal and vice versa. Scoring each goal makes your team win. 
  • A huge big ground is also needed and a sufficient area to play the game. 
  • Two goalposts are also required where the players put the ball. 
  • In the match, if both the teams have not scored any points, or they have the same points, in the given 90 minutes. The game is declared a draw. 
  • In the knockout games and the final tournaments, the winner should be determined. 
  • Scoring more goals from the opponent team is the main theme of the game.
  • The other ten players are called outfield players. They are not permitted to use their hands to play with the ball in the whole game. They kick the ball with their foot and hence it is called football. 
  • The players can only use their bodies to play with the ball, they can’t use their hands to move the ball.
  • A yellow card is given if the foul made by the team is severe. And also after two yellow cards, they give red cards which means the player has to leave the ground. Also, they get suspended for the next match. 
  • There are a lot of rules and penalties in the game of football. The football penalties result in gain or loss of yards. It completely depends on whether the penalty is against the offense or the defense. Usually, the penalties are 5 to 10  yards, but in the case of a personal foul, it can be up to 15 yards. 

There are many other rules to be followed in the game of football. The players play the game with the fine skill of kicking and scoring. Sometimes they also have to hit the ball with their head, so the player should be ready for this type of sudden moment and stay alert while playing the whole game. To score a goal you need to have good team members and coordination with them because scoring a goal alone is not possible.